The REX ALPHA Review

The REX ALPHA is a revolutionary product in the REX handgun family. Listening to practical shooters, Arex designed and developed a pistol that excels in competitive practical shooting. The REX Zero 1 has been re-engineered to produce the REX ALPHA, an optimized competition-ready 9mm steel-frame pistol for competitive shooting. The REX ALPHA features the following …read more

The REX Compact – Ideal EDC

The REX Zero 1 Compact (1CP) is ideal for those that want the convenience of a smaller handgun without compromising quality and firepower. Compared to the Standard (1S) the 1CP model is lighter and shorter than the 1S model. The compact frame of the REX Zero 1CP makes it an ideal everyday carry, where ever …read more

Molot VEPR 12 Gauge SBS

Own a piece of Russian Legacy: The Vepr 12 Gauge SBS Once a common contender in the shotgun/rifle community, the recent sanctions imposed by the USA has disallowed further imports of the Molot Vepr. Originally from Russia, these products were introduced to the USA by passing compliance fulfilled by FIME Group. Vepr 12 shotguns are semi-automatic …read more

REX ALPHA Pistols, now shipping!

HIGHLY ANTICIPATED REX ALPHA PISTOL NOW SHIPPING TO DISTRIBUTORS LAS VEGAS, NV – After its overwhelmingly successful release at SHOT Show earlier this year, FIME is proud to announce that the REX Alpha pistol is now shipping to distributors. The REX Alpha is the next evolution of REX Firearms. Build as an out-of-the-box 9mm competition pistol …read more