Tested: Arex ReX Delta 9mm Pistol

It’s been three years since the ReX Zero 1 series of 9 mm pistols, manufactured by Arex of Slovenia, was introduced into the American marketplace by The FIME Group. In that time, the line-up of these aluminum-framed, hammer-fired semi-automatics inspired by the SIG Sauer P226, has grown to include Standard, Compact, Tactical and Competition models in a variety of finish options.

Arex has kept the Delta’s price affordable, just like the company’s other offerings. It can easily go toe to toe with established makes and models with price tags in the $600 price range. But it’s shipping with a suggested retail price of $479.99 that’s translating into real-world prices closer to $425 making it a more-than-you-pay-for investment.

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