REX DELTA – A NEW OPTION FOR CONCEALED CARRY [VIDEO REVIEW] — Rex Firearms recently brought its entry into the already crowded polymer striker-fired arena, releasing the new Rex Delta. This 9mm handgun caters to the concealed carry crowd with an overall design that is completely different from Rex’s previous handgun lineup.


While the Rex Delta occupies that newer handgun space, finding a holster to carry it is easier than you think. Conveniently, the Rex Delta shares a similar profile to a Glock 19, even though it’s smaller, which means some Glock holsters will work with the Delta. Word of caution – not all Glock holsters will fit due to varying retention points, but it’s worth checking out. In my case, the Glock 19 light-bearing holster from Hazmat Holsters worked perfectly and to the untrained eye, it would be hard to tell the holster wasn’t actually built for the Rex Delta itself.

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