The REX Compact – Ideal EDC

The REX Zero 1 Compact (1CP) is ideal for those that want the convenience of a smaller handgun without compromising quality and firepower. Compared to the Standard (1S) the 1CP model is lighter and shorter than the 1S model.

The compact frame of the REX Zero 1CP makes it an ideal everyday carry, where ever you choose to take it. For those that want to use the pistol with a holster, FIME Group offers an OEM holster that is compatible with all REX Zero 1 models.

Click here to see the OEM holster from FIME.

The REX Zero 1CP will also be available very soon as a Tactical model. The tactical model is equipped with a 1/2×28 threaded barrel and a 17-round magazine compared to a 15-round magazine in the non-Tactical 1CP models. The Tactical Compact 1TC model is roughly 1 inch longer in length and height but weighs approximately the same. The Tactical Compact 1TC is a solid choice for those that want the versatility of a tactical pistol.