The REX ALPHA Review

The REX ALPHA is a revolutionary product in the REX handgun family. Listening to practical shooters, Arex designed and developed a pistol that excels in competitive practical shooting.

The REX Zero 1 has been re-engineered to produce the REX ALPHA, an optimized competition-ready 9mm steel-frame pistol for competitive shooting. The REX ALPHA features the following improvements such as an undercut trigger, shorter grip, ambidextrous manual safeties, and fiber optic front sights.

The REX ALPHA is a competition-ready handgun the moment you take it out of the box. To abide by USPSA standards, the REX ALPHA comes equipped with three 17-round magazines. In addition, it features a trigger mechanism which is factory fine-tuned for each pistol to deliver a smooth double action pull and a short trigger reset.

If you are no stranger to the gun community, you should definitely know about Tim and the Military Arms Channel. A few weeks ago Tim had the opportunity to review the REX ALPHA, which is discussed in this video review.

If you want more information regarding the REX ALPHA, you must watch this in-depth review. Click here to see the video.