OD Green and Grey Models

The REX Zero 1 is available in a variety of different colors and grips. Today we want to feature the OD Green and Grey models for the REX Zero 1. You can choose both colors for the Standard or Compact model.

The grey model is a popular color choice for most gun collectors because of its neutral color tones. The grey is a subtle yet eye-catching color. Alternatively, the OD Green is a deep, rich color. The green is instantly comparable to an army green. The OD Green was brought in as a very limited quantity and are not projected to be restocked, making it worthy to anyone’s collection.

There are more options to choose from when deciding to customize your pistol. The REX ZERO 1 is available in different configurations such as nickel, FDE, black, and more. You can purchase your handgun with Hogue grips which are also available in Mascus or Dark Earth. Click here to see all available options.

The colors aren’t the only impressive attributes about the REX Zero 1. The handgun has withstood a brtual torture test featured by the Military Arms Channel. Click here to see the full video.