Touring The Arex Pistol Factory In Slovenia

Ammoland — A few months ago, the FIME Group (Arex’s importer for the US) invited me to tour the Arex factory in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I agreed wholeheartedly and was looking forward to this trip, despite almost a whole day of air travel coming and going.

Although Arex was started in 1994, you would never know it. The factory looks brand new and is immaculate. They have a minimum of 25000 square feet of manufacturing space and put all of it to good use.

The appearance was surprising as when most of us probably think of manufacturing in Eastern Europe; we envision factory workers hammering out parts from questionable materials on ancient machinery probably intended for something else and repurposed to build arms.

I walked away more impressed with the quality of Arex’s pistols and their attitude as a company than I did going in. I once again recommend you consider a new Arex pistol add to your gun safe.

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