Tested: Arex ReX Delta 9mm Pistol

It’s been three years since the ReX Zero 1 series of 9 mm pistols, manufactured by Arex of Slovenia, was introduced into the American marketplace by The FIME Group. In that time, the line-up of these aluminum-framed, hammer-fired semi-automatics inspired by the SIG Sauer P226, has grown to include Standard, Compact, Tactical and Competition models in a variety of finish options.

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20 Interesting “NEW” Handguns for 2019 including the Rex Delta [VIDEO REVIEW]

TheFireArmGuy – Here are 20 interesting “NEW” Handguns for 2019. All of these handguns are new models for 2019. This year brought us a lot of 9mm handguns with a concentration on concealed carry. I think these new handguns are special in their own way.

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Arex Rex Alpha Review

Oh great. Another thousand-plus-dollar European handgun. That’s what I thought when Slovenian manufacturer Arex introduced the Rex Alpha, and it’s likely what a lot of you are thinking right now. For me, a pistol designed for competition is always more of a “meh” than a “wow!” But, that changed when I shot the Rex Alpha in the mountains of Slovenia, not far from the border with Croatia.

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