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Tactical Compact – Available in Black, FDE, and Grey

Rex Firearms has expanded its existing line of high-quality pistols by introducing the REX Zero 1 Tactical Compact. The standard REX Zero 1 Tactical pistol has been a favorite amongst consumers due to its renowned reliability and the fact that it comes from the factory ROR (Rex Optics Ready). The new REX Zero 1 Tactical Compact offers the convenience of a smaller handgun without compromising firepower, reliability or the popular ROR features. By combining all of the benefits of the REX Zero 1 Tactical in a smaller, compact package, Rex Firearms have once again hit the mark.


The REX Zero 1 Tactical Compact comes loaded with features such as a hard anodized aluminum frame, nitrocarburized steel slide made from a solid bar stock, forward cocking serrations, 1 piece cold hammer forged barrel, a short accessory picatinny rail, an ambidextrous safety and magazine release, de-cocker, 1/2×28 threaded barrel, suppressor height sights, 4 plates for optics mounting, a hard polymer case, (1) 15 round and (1) 17 round magazine, and more.

The Tactical Compact is currently available in three different colors. Please see below and click on each photo to learn more.

Get Tactical: Threaded Barrel for your REX Zero 1 Standard!

If you own a REX Zero 1S pistol and have always wanted a threaded barrel you could drop in – look no further! Factory OEM threaded barrels for the 1S series are now available. You can switch out the barrel on your 1S into a threaded barrel. By doing so, you obtain the option to equip a suppressor. It is vital to use a well-crafted threaded barrel to ensure the performance and reliability of your 1S.

A faulty threaded barrel can damage your handgun and/or the suppressor. Offered through FIME Group, the Rex Firearms OEM threaded barrel is a high-quality product you can depend on for its durability, quality and long lasting service life.

Threaded Barrel (SKU: REX-601841)
4.9″ 9mm Threaded Barrel with 1/2×28 thread protector for
the Standard series of Rex Zero 1 pistols.

Installation of the threaded barrel is quick and easy. If you need assistance swapping out the barrel on your REX Zero 1 Standard, please contact

Sights for your REX Zero 1

Utilizing the proper sights can significantly improve your overall accuracy and performance. Whether you prefer the high visibility of fiber optic or the simplicity of a white dot, FIME provides both options for your REX. Although the factory sights function flawlessly, upgrading your sights is a must for anyone striving for peak performance. FIME carries sights for the Standard, Compact, Tactical, and Tactical Compact – all of which can currently be purchased directly from k-var.

To see the sights available at FIME, please refer to the list below:

REX Zero 1 Front Sights
SKU: REX-501950
Steel front sight with a white dot center for the Rex Zero 1 series pistols – standard height.
REX Zero 1 Rear Sights
SKU: REX-501951
Steel rear sight with a white dot center for the Rex Zero 1 series pistols – standard height.
REX Zero 1 Front Sight Tall
SKU: REX-402306
Steel front sight with a white dot center on both notches for the Rex Zero 1 series pistols – Raised height for vision over suppressors.
REX Zero 1 Rear Sight Tall
SKU: REX-402307
Steel rear sight with a white dot center on both notches for the Rex Zero 1 series pistols – Raised height for vision over suppressors.
REX Zero 1 Fixed Low Profile Sight Set
SKU: REX-502345
Fixed low profile, front fiber optic and rear black sight set – Red Fiber Optic front sight, low profile, and solid black notch rear sight.

For customers interested in night sights, our friends over at Truglo offer a tritium night sight set for the REX Zero 1 line. Please watch this video review to see a side-by-side comparison of the white dot versus the Truglo night sights.

Need Spare Parts for your REX Pistol? We Got ‘Em!

Even with regular maintenance, all firearms will receive some level of wear and tear over time. It is always recommended to frequently disassemble and inspect your firearm to replace any damaged or broken parts. Operating your firearm with optimal parts is necessary for safety and performance. Whether you carry the ALPHA, Standard, Compact or Tactical model, FIME Group carries all the OEM spare parts you may need.

To conveniently locate the part you need for your pistol, FIME Group has the expanded view of the Standard, Compact, and Tactical. If you need assistance ordering parts for your firearm, please contact our customer service team via email at

Changing the hammer spring on your Rex Alpha is quick and straightforward. Watch this 3-minute video to find out how. If you want to see more do-it-yourself tutorials for your FIME products, please visit our YouTube channel.