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2016 New Guns: Shotguns

Original article was first published on Shooting Illustrated

by Shooting Illustrated Staff – Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Molot VEPR 12-01Combining the ruggedness and reliability of an AK with the effective terminal performance of a shotgun, the Molot VEPR 12-01 offers the convenience of a competition magazine well and a last round bolt-hold-open feature to facilitate fumble-free reloads under stress. The thread pattern on its chrome-lined barrel is also compatible with Saiga muzzle devices. Continue reading “2016 New Guns: Shotguns”


Original article was first published on

by Shooting Illustrated Staff – Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I was fortunate enough to be part of a small batch invited to try out the Arex handgun at SHOT show in January 2016.  What I saw reminded me a bit of the Zastava handguns in that it was heavily based on the SIG 226/229 design, but unlike the SIG handguns some improvements had been made and unlike the Zastava handguns the manufacturing was top notch.  The Arex rexZero 1 is neither a Sig nor Zastava clone, but an inspired evolution and a handgun of its own lineage. Continue reading “AREX REX ZERO 1”