Fire Control Group AK/RPK

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Fire control group, for AK/RPK based rifles, includes single-hook trigger, hammer, disconnector, disconnector spring, stopper, and sleeve, semi-auto, double stage, US made, FIME Group LLC

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FIME Group has spent over a year engineering our new 2-stage trigger. It is an American made mil-spec trigger. It comes completely assembled and it delivers a drop-in construction. It was produced with mil-spec ratings on the steel, hardening, and has a black oxide protective coating. This trigger was created to perform if you were in combat, competition shooting, training, or plinking on the range. While others try to reverse engineer the trigger, we work directly from country of origin. FIME Group design delivers a shorten trigger pull with a light trigger pull. The disconnector’s face makes a full contact with the hammer to provide a secure lockup. The disconnector’s tail touches with the rear receiver rivet and the hammer retarder eliminates the transfer of energy called “trigger slap” which can be experienced from inferior products. We won’t make compromises on quality yet it is being offered at a price point to match all others. 

Length of travel
Reset Travel
Take up
Trigger Break
.3 in
.15 in
5 lbs
6 lbs
2.96 oz

Refer to the video below for instructions on how to install your fire control group:

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