Molot VEPR

This Molot semi-automatic VEPR rifle is manufactured to exacting specifications, based on the iconic Kalashnikov design. As the import of this classic weapon is now banned, inventory is extremely limited and it is a must–have for serious collectors. Built to the standards of the renowned RPK platform, the barrel is cold hammer forged and chrome-lined to provide superior overall integrity and heat dissipation for increased accuracy with extended firing. Also featuring custom-fitted polymer stock, pistol grip and handguard plus the new Arsenal muzzle brake. Available in .243 Win and 6.5 Grendel calibers.

Molot VEPR FM-AR .243
Molot VEPR FM-AR 6.5G 16.5" Barrel
Molot VEPR FM-AR 6.5G 20.5" Barrel
Molot VEPR FM-AR 6.5G 23.2" Barrel