Stocking Dealer Program

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

For a limited time, purchase 7 select FIME products and FIME Group will include a Free REX Zero 1S-01! You can become eligible for the FIME Stocking Dealer Program by selecting 7 FIME firearms and receiving a FREE REX Zero 1S-01 (MSRP $670.00). Additionally, when you sign up for the FIME Stocking Dealer Program you will be able to enjoy exclusive benefits such as: FIME promotional materials for your store, advertising, inclusion in the FIME marketing efforts and dealer locator, and more. Qualifying firearms for the program are:

Any REX Firearms pistol

ALPHA, Standard, Tactical, Compact, Tactical Compact

Select Molot firearms

Any Vepr 12 Shotgun*, Any Molot Vepr .243 or Molot Vepr 6.5 Grendel

*Excludes the VPR-12-07


How long is this promotion running for?
This is a limited time promotion so take advantage while supplies and quantities last. As you know, US sanctions were implemented last year and, as such, these are truly the last of the Molot products.

Will I receive 2 pistols if I purchase 14 eligible products?
Yes! You will receive a free pistol for every 7 qualifying purchases so long as they ship at the same time. So if you order 14 qualifying products you will receive two free REX Zero 1S-01’s.

How long does it take to receive my free REX Zero 1 Standard?
Your pistol will ship with your order directly from the distributor. There is no hassle and no wait time.

How do I get on the FIME Dealer Locator?
It's easy. You can fill out our dealer questionnaire and after assuring all of the information received is complete, you will be listed as a FIME Stocking Dealer so customers seeking FIME products in your area will know they can head to your shop to pick up their favorite FIME products.

If you have additoinal questions, please contact us via email at