Rex Zero 1 Standard Nickel Slide

The most sought after pistol in the world, Rex Zero 1, 9mm Pistol by Arex is available in the US exclusively through FIME Group, LLC. The Rex Zero 1 pistol complies with strict military standards for reliability and has passed extreme temperature, hostile environment, and drop tests. The expected service life for the pistol exceeds 30,000 rounds.


9mm Luger
Action Type
Modified Browning linkless locking system
Trigger System
Single and Double-action, Hammer Fired
Barrel Length
4.3 in / 108 mm
Overall Length
7.7 in / 195 mm
5.7 in / 144 mm
29 oz / 826 g
Magazine Capacity

Product Description

In partnership with FIME Group of Las Vegas, NV, Arex is emerging into the US market with its highly acclaimed Rex Zero 1 pistol line. Having a dedicated, creative, and experienced team and a vision for excellence, Arex is determined to become one of the staples in the sport, tactical shooting, and self-defense markets, as well as a trusted brand name for military and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Arex CNC machining capabilities and quality controls are quite evident in this video tour of the plant. The Rex Zero 1 Standard Model offered is a 17-round, 4.25” barreled 9mm pistol with several unique features:

REX STANDARD from Arsenal Marketing on Vimeo.